Homeownership Preservation Packet


Dear Homeowner,

First, allow me to congratulate you on taking the first step of contacting our agency. Urban League for Bergen County is a HUD approved counseling agency that has the ability to assist you with the current financial hardship you are facing. We understand how hard that was to do and promise to work with you to find a realistic solution to your situation.

 In order to provide effective and efficient service, please complete the attached forms completely and clearly, as missing information will only hamper our ability to assist you. Please fill out monthly Income and Budget form carefully. This information is the key element of resolving these difficult situations. In addition, the checklist included outlines items that need to be collected before an appointment is scheduled. Once all of the items on the checklist are collected we will contact you for appointment. If there are questions or information you don’t understand, please contact us.

There is an emphasis on being truthful. A resolution will not materialize unless a complete and accurate picture of the financial hardship is given. Also, please note our organization is attempting to assist in resolving a financial hardship. The end result lies in the hands of the lender; Urban League for Bergen County cannot and will not guarantee the final outcome of any situation.

Appointments usually last an hour. Please arrive on time. Many other families are facing similar situations and the demand for our services is high. We often have appointments back to back. If you arrive late, we will have to reschedule your appointment.

You have taken the first step to resolving your situation. We look forward to working with you.



 The Urban League for Bergen County Team



Foreclosure/Default Counseling

2013-2015 Statistics

Before – Bergen County – 4th Highest Foreclosure in NJ (1st Qtr. 2013)

ULBC assisted clients with modifications an processed $3 Million in grants for Home Owners to stay in their home…

Now– Bergen County – 3rd Lowest Foreclosure County in NJ (1st Qtr. 2015)

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