Briana Mari Avery, Artist

Briana Mari Avery was born in Washington DC and raised in Teaneck, NJ. At an early age Avery exhibited a uniquely exceptional talent for the arts. She was often found opting for art supplies and drawing as opposed to playing with classmates. Inspired by her grandmother’s phenomenal watercolor skills, Briana began her love affair with acrylic painting at high school level with the help of her art teacher. Studying the techniques of artist’s symbolism like that of Frida Kahlo and Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio’s light manipulation and portraiture, she was able to find her own style. Avery attended classes at Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts concentrating on painting and printmaking and graduated from the Art Institute of New York City. Her passion in the fine arts, specifically 2D acrylic canvas work, is currently where she spends most of her free time creating personal expressions and/or commissioned pieces.

Avery’s style is inspired by Afrocentric boarder-line tribal art that she emulates to subconsciously express her respect for the depths of women’s inner strength. Being an African American Woman in America, Briana strives to express in her pieces her self-love and powers she feels she possesses culturally being a future matriarch. A few of her art shows include one for the Richmond Pine Camp Spot Light in 2010, one for the NAACP at VCU (2011), where she debuted her signature piece “Queen” (2008), and one in 2015 for the Nation of Creators Inc. Avery is also a published poet for her poem “Imagine” (2007) in 2008. She often merges poetry in with her 2D pieces, which can be seen, in her print “Bumblebee” (2010).

Briana’s passion for the arts is what drives her goal to help broaden the horizons of others through her talents.

Some of her pieces include:

  • Food wine music (2008)
  • Queen (2008)
  • Ave Maria (2009)
  • Daddy’s Girl (2010)
  • Bumblebee (2010)
  • Muse (2011)
  • Dysplasia (2015)
  • Soul mate (2015)


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